Fear Street Map

In reading a lot of these in one go, I’ve become mildly interested in the actual geometry of Shadyside. It’s clear to me R.L. Stine has a good plotting in his head, but it’s a little unclear in the books how big the town is, how long Fear Street is, the exact socio-economic makeup of the town, where the bad parts are, or the good parts, or much at all. Luckily, we don’t have to wonder.



It took more than a little hunting to find the actual origin of this map, but according to this blog (this image pulled specifically from the Fear Street Book Club on Tumblr) the map was included in a 1996 Fear Street calendar. I have found no actual proof that this calendar exists except for this image and a WorldCat entry that lets me know the Michigan State University Libraries does in fact have a copy (probably a little too much to Interlibrary Loan that one). Notice that it’s oriented so that Fear Street is in the top corner. Fear Street is actually on the west/southwest side of town. Hopefully this helps any readers that are trying to wrap their heads around Shadyside.


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