Fear Street #17 – The Best Friend


This one is a doozy, guys. I had no idea what this one was leading up to, and goodness at where it went.

The Cover

Oh my goodness is that cover ugly. (Original pulled from here, updated from here.) The first one features a 30 year old woman, though at least they got the plot point of her short hair and the climax at the Christmas party. It just doesn’t make any sense. Why is there a knife in that? Did Honey give her a present and then stab it? Is the knife part of the present? Meanwhile, the new one is also pretty terrible. The splintered photo might’ve been fine except the negative filter and the blown out colors make it impossible to tell what’s going on. There’s a million ways both of these could’ve been improved.


Sometimes friendship can be murder…

It’s a little one the nose. It’s not the worst, but a little more thought could’ve been put into it.

2 good
+2 be

I adore this one in its terrible cheesiness. It goes a lot more with the teenage girl theme, and this sort of thing was all over the place in the 2000s. It’s so goofy I love it.


Becka is your average girl, with a boyfriend she can’t stand, two best friends Lilah and Trish, and an ex she isn’t allowed to see thanks to some trouble he got into last year. She breaks up with Eric in chapter one, and he’s kind of a dick about it, barely even registering an emotion whens he does. She goes back to her besties, but they’re interrupted by the arrival of Honey, who moved next door and is under the impression that she and Becka were best friends in elementary school. She talks about all these great things she and Becka did together, but Becka remembers none of it. Honey barely acknowledges Lilah and Trish. She tells Becka she’s moved back after moving away and wants to pick the friendship up right where it left off. When the girls look her up in a yearbook, they vaguely remember a weird, quiet girl no one liked. Honey also establishes herself quickly as a weirdo by stealing a piece of jewelry that Becka loved.

Becka tries to put Honey out of her mind and reconnects with her ex-boyfriend Bill, who got kicked out of school the last year for some general hooligan nonsense. Her parents hate Bill, so she has to sneak around to see him. At school, she sees Honey and asks for her pin back, and Honey starts goddamn choking her. She plays it off as a joke, as apparently she used to play a game with Becka that involved scaring each other, and like the kids in The New Years Party, they had absolutely no chill. For reals, though, Shadyside must have something in the water that is breeding this kind of alarming behavior, and I just realized they literally have an evil spirit that has inhabited their water supply before, which may explain a lot. Anyway, Honey starts gaslighting Becka hard, saying Becka gave her the pin and told her to keep it before flouncing away.

Becka and Lilah go bike riding together, because kids in this town are also fitness nuts I cannot believe, and they see Honey hanging around their bikes. As Becka and Lilah ride around, Lilah isn’t able to brake on her bike, which causes a truck to crash into her, hospitalizing her. Becka begins to suspect Honey might be the one who tampered with the bike, and she goes to Bill to relay her suspicions. He suspects Becka is overreacting to the situation due to all the stress in her life. She thinks Honey is following them, and after she gets really sick and is put on bedrest for a few days, Trish tells her Honey has been telling the school that she had a mental breakdown. When Becka gets back to school, Honey has her exact haircut and is dating her ex-boyfriend Eric. Honey pulls a water pistol on her that looks like a real gun at school (because again, this is Shadyside, where this kind of pranking is totally normal), and she drops to Becka’s parents that Becka has been seeing Bill after Bill lets Becka know that Honey came onto him at one point.

This culminates in Trish’ Christmas party, where Honey shows up wearing the same clothes as Becka, and Becka flips out on her, telling her to leave her alone. Trish then falls down a flight of stairs with Honey suspiciously standing behind her. Trish breaks her neck, and due to all the stress, Becka passes out. She wakes up in her own bed where she’s being treated with medication, and she’s kept in her bed for a few days. Honey calls all the time still, and finally Honey convinces Becka to come over to her house for a surprise. Becka sees Bill there and decides to find out for herself. In her drugged stupor, she becomes extremely paranoid, and when she sees them together she grabs a knife and lunges for them before passing out. Bill tries to help, and Honey flips her shit on him, grabbing the knife and stabbing him, and then planting the knife on Becka. Becka wakes up believing she killed Bill, and Honey promises she’ll help her, and that they’ll be best friends forever.

And then it just fucking ends.

And dumb dumb me is sitting here like “oh I wonder what the twist will be.” It’s nothing. It’s that Honey is a stalker capable of murder and now Becka is trapped with her forever. I was expecting something like Honey has actually been dead the whole time and Becka is imagining all these things or Becka has a second personality, but no. Honey is going to use this against Becka, who will never truly be free of this harrowing experience, and the book just ends. Thanks, R.L. Stine, for keeping it real.

Favorite Line

Be cool. For once in your life, be cool.

Fear Street Trends

So many! Becka and her friends are clearly some of the cool kids. Poor Honey first shows up in a bright orange sweater and green miniskirt with black tights. She looks like Velma Dinkley. Trish is fashionable at her Christmas party in a scoop-necked green wool sweater and velvet black pants, and Becka gets at on of compliments on her silver skirt over a black catsuit???? Was that a thing at some point? Maybe in the 80s? Becka’s super cool boyfriend Bill has a pierced ear as well.

At the Christmas party they play the Guns ‘n Roses Christmas album as well as Bruce Springsteen. The coolest music Stine could think up. They also play “a Christmas rap song”.

There are tons of cameos from the early books. Becka’s best friend in fourth grade was Deena Martinson, and she’s still gay for her BFF Jade. Lisa Blume is there again, and David Metcalf from the New Girl makes an appearance again. Ricky Schorr from the Overnight makes an appearance as well. Honestly the Christmas party is an excuse for Stine to put all his characters in a room together, and I loved it.


That ending was abrupt and shocking, and I kind of respect that. It seems people were angry enough about this that Stine wrote a sequel to it to give Honey her comeuppance. There’s enough going on that’s upsetting, and I’ll give it three Guns ‘n Roses Christmas album out of five.


Fear Street #2 – The Surprise Party


This book was an absolute delight to read, being the second in the series, because so much time is devoted to calling back The New Girl. It’s another one I had to get a physical copy of, which mean I read real words on real paper and my cats kept eating my tabs out of it, so hopefully I don’t forget anything!

The Cover

the surprise party

I really like this cover (pulled from this website). It’s ominous, I like the use of green, the figure is threatening, but doesn’t reveal too much. I’m a big fan of this.


It was just another party– until the threats began…

Much more decent than the average Fear Street fare. Still doesn’t reveal any more than the title does, which is good.


One year ago, Evan is mysteriously murdered in the woods. The only witnesses are his girlfriend, Ellen, and Brian, our main character’s weird cousin who’s a LARPer. Everyone is traumatized from the event, and Ellen moves away. This is told to us in a prologue where a mysterious shooter enjoys killing Evan, because of some girl who is described two separate times as “baad”, so I don’t know if it’s a typo or a terrible stylistic choice, though it does give us some insight into the eventual killer.

The time is now, and Ellen is coming back, at least to visit. Meg, our protagonist, decides with her friend group (which includes Tony, her boyfriend, Shannon, her best friend and Evan’s sister, and Brian) that they should throw a surprise party for Ellen. It’s super unclear why it needs to be a surprise party, since it’s stated that she hates surprises. It seems like a totally normal party where all guests know that they are going to a party seems fine, but whatever. Also sort of part of the friend group is Lisa Blume and Cory Brooks, now dating with no trauma from that time a ghost girl tried to murder the both of them. Lisa is at several points consulted on the mystery and seems to have forgotten anything even happened to her in the past year.

The minute the word is out there’s a surprise party, Meg and Tony receive threatening phone calls. Neither decide to go to the police about it for reasons, but Meg is undaunted. She puts together party invitations during study hall but gets called away when someone leaves a message for her at the office. But when she gets there, there’s no message at all. She returns to study hall only to find her invitations torn up! Who could it have been?!¬† She’s left another threatening message, and honestly it seems like Meg does not give a fuck. Now she has to throw this surprise party, because some boner out there wants her to stop.

Meg makes a list of potential suspects, which puts Shannon, Brian, and Ellen herself at the top of the list. She calls Ellen, who sounds happy to talk to her, and they have a good chat. Once Meg hangs up though, she realizes Ellen was too enthusiastic, which bumps her up the suspect list for sure. She asks Lisa what she should do, and Lisa’s like “who knows what would happen if I was threatened” and I’m like, Lisa, you were literally mailed a dead cat in the last book there’s few things less threatening than that. But Meg decides to confront Shannon directly, who gets mad and storms off. Immediately after, Meg goes to get her lunch, but when she reaches inside it’s filled with blood! And then it cuts to the next chapter like “ho ho remember that time I found blood in my lunch lulz” and I have to wait at least ten more pages before someone mentions that it’s fake blood. Stine, I got mad respect for you, but you gotta stop this “jumping around because I don’t want to deal with the consequences of my cliffhanger” nonsense. Just do it. Just get good.

Things escalate. Meg is nearly run down, as is Tony. Tony and Brian disappear into the woods, and Meg is woken in the middle of the night by Brian’s frantic parents demanding to know where they are. Meg goes to the woods to help search for them, and she’s threatened again at close range before finding Brian and Tony beat up in a ravine. Only, a chapter break lets us know it was Tony all along! He killed Evan in the woods a year ago, and he worries Brian’s now revealed everything to Meg, and he’ll have to kill her. He invites Meg to a party where he plans to push her off a ravine.

(Shadyside is so full of convenient cliffs to throw people off of. It shows up several times in these stories and you think they would’ve put in railings by now.)

They go to the party. Shannon is cornered by her stalker Dwayne, who said some garbage earlier about how he was glad Evan was dead because he was totally into Shannon, but he’s a mega creep. Tony and Meg go walk to Lover’s Leap, and he decides against killing her, choosing instead to kill Brian and Ellen, the only two witnesses to his crime. Meanwhile, Brian is bedridden thanks to his injuries, and he’s been ranting about how he’s going to be a Fourth Level Wizard and bring Evan back from the dead.

The night of the surprise party actually comes. Meg grabs Ellen and takes her to the manor in Fear Street, which is a terrible idea because the Fear Street Woods is where her boyfriend was hella murdered, but whatever. The surprise happens, Ellen seems delighted, and then Brian shows up, ranting about his wizard powers, with a person who looks just like Evan in tow. Tony flips the fuck out and pulls out a flipping gun, confessing that he killed Evan. The boy turns out to be Shannon’s half-brother Mike. But then, Dwayne wrests the gun away from Tony and takes both Meg and Ellen hostage. He admits that he was the murderer all along! Tony and Ellen had been dating each other behind their significant others’ backs, and when they went to confess to Evan, Evan pulled a gun on them. He and Tony fought, and Tony thought he shot him. Brian and Ellen ran away, as did Tony, keeping the terrible secret to themselves. But Dwayne saw it all, and he snuck in, finding that Evan wasn’t dead at all. He hadn’t even been shot. So Dwayne took the opportunity to kill him, thinking it would make going out with Shannon all the easier.

Hearing this baffling news, Ellen and Meg manage to distract Dwayne, and Meg whaps him with a frying pan. They run away, all guilty parties are arrested, and they get ready for summer vacation, with Mike asking Meg out at the very end of the book, ensuring a happy ending of everyone who matters.

Favorite Line

The grip on her shoulder tightened. She felt hot breath against her cheek. She smelled onions and french fry grease.

Fear Street Trends

Lisa and Cory basically have starring roles in this direct sequel. I find it very amusing that Lisa seems to be in just about every Fear Street book. Her and Corey’s relationship does not seem to be going well, though. They should just stay friends.

Mostly people in this book wear sweatshirts and jeans, and the ladies wear miniskirts when appropriate. It’s not quite the 90s yet when this book came out, but some of it’s starting to leak through. Brian plays Wizards and Dungeons, which is supposed to be a DnD expy, but he’s very clearly a LARPer. He and Dwayne go out in the woods all the time and play this game which means they are live action role playing which means they are big fucking nerds. I also don’t know the history of LARPing, and for some reason I thought it was a more recent thing, but I figured RenFests have been going on for at least twenty years so probably not as new as my brain thinks it is.


I actually really liked this one. It’s weird and goofy like all Fear Street books, but the second Dwayne pulls a gun on everyone else and you find out who the real killer is, combined with a sudden forced melodrama, I was into it. I’m going to give it four 4th Level Wizards out of five.

Fear Street #21 – The Dare


The Cover

the dare

It’s not very exciting, but there are elements I like about it. (Pulled from GoodReads.) It doesn’t give anything away. Clearly something shocking happens while these two kids are parking. I just wish there was a little more gore happening maybe.


Some girls will do anything for a guy… even kill.

I love these ellipses, I really do. I think it’s a pretty good tagline.


What Fear Street book doesn’t deserve a two page prologue? In it we learn Johanna Wise is going to murder her teacher, though we don’t know why. And then this book kind of starts as a flashback, a How We Got Here type story, but I think it loses that thread eventually. Johanna and her friend Margaret are hanging out in a 7-11 where they see a bunch of their rich classmates causing trouble. I grew up in a town full of rich kids, and this is some pretty true nonsense. There’s nothing rich kids love more than hanging out in gas stations, Wal-marts, and various other places to make a huge mess. (I’m also just realizing how much my hometown has in common with Shadyside, including an entire graduating class cursed to die. This is to be evaluated at a different time.) Among the rich kids are Melody, Lanny, Zack (who is related to Alexander Hamilton, a reference Stine should’ve waited twenty years to make, but I’ll give him credit for foresight), Caitin, and most importantly: Dennis Arthur. He’s handsome, he’s rich, he’s entitled, he’s a huge jerk, but boy do the girls want him.

This is Shadyside, where that evil in the water supply has been messing with everyone’s heads, so it’s only a funny joke when one of the kids pulls out a real looking fake gun. Though this is a thing in Heathers too, where a kid brings a fake gun to school and it’s treated as a joke that went too far (though was his gun real but he fired blanks? Blanks still hurt, kiddos, and they can still do a lot of damage. Just say no to cliches.), and was this really an okay thing before 1999? I know the gun treatment in these books has to be shoddy for suspense and plot reasons, but it makes me more than a little uncomfortable. We’ll get to it, but Johanna’s mom just has a gun loose in a drawer.

Johanna shares a class with these jokers, who are always daring each other to do stuff, under the restrictive thumb of Mr. Northwood, who also lives next door to Johanna. Johanna gets chatted up by Dennis about what a huge jerk this guy is, and they start joking about killing him. Dennis seems to take a shine to Johanna, though he won’t let the whole ‘killing a man’ thing drop. It’s clear Mr. Northwood is deeply unfair, refusing Dennis a makeup exam and dropping grades for minor mistakes, but he also seems to be dealing with the worst class ever. Dennis needs the makeup test because he’s going to the Bahamas, and the other kids are just as entitled. It’s putting a lot of stress on the students and the faculty, and half the kids nearly get suspended before the principal apologizes. Dennis starts asking out Johanna, claiming he and Caitlin see other people sometimes, and he even brings her a gift from the Bahamas. He takes her to a party where they drink beer and joke around. It seems super lame and super high school.

Dennis finds out Johanna lives next door to Mr. Northwood, and he starts bringing everyone over to her house. By accident one day, Dennis finds the gun–again, in an unlocked drawer, just floating around for anyone to grab–and accidentally shoots Zack. While everyone is flipping out, the boys drag Zack to Mr. Northwood’s lawn, throw the gun on the front step, and call the police, claiming Mr. Northwood tried to shoot Zack. This immediately unravels, as you would expect, and they all get in major trouble for it. Now Mr. Northwood is putting the pressure on, though the fact that they are still in his class is baffling, and half of these kids need to be in therapy, but ah, the early 90s, it was a simpler time. Dennis and Johanna are still going out, and he dares her to murder Mr. Northwood, and she accepts.

And the truly bonkers thing is the whole school knows it. Literally every student is down for this. People are telling Johanna good luck in the halls, and Suki Thomas gives her a goddamn thumbs up like she didn’t experience some tragic shit involving murder. Kids are taking bets on it. It’s like goddamn Hogwarts up in here. Also, Johanna, you now have no alibi, because literally everyone you know could testify that you had intended to murder Mr. Northwood up to a week before the actual incident. You are a dummy.

The day comes, and Johanna steels herself to murder. Dennis comes over, claiming to want to help, and when she finally takes the gun and walks over to Mr. Northwood, she finds he’s already been shot. Dennis and Caitlin jump out, claiming Caitlin dared him to convince some poor sucker to murder their teacher, and they high five as the police arrive. Caitlin starts with the theatrics, Johanna is being led away, and then a police officer finds a recorder in Mr. Northwood’s jacket. See, he tapes his classes and plays them back, and he also tapes himself painting a shed I guess, so he recorded not only his murder, but Caitlin and Dennis’ entire confession! The day is saved! Johanna goes free! Mr. Northwood isn’t quite dead! The Shadyside police continue to be almost useless, and everything can go back to its horrible, horrible level of normal.

Favorite Line

“You went out with me just because you wanted me to kill Mr. Northwood?”

Fear Street Trends

There isn’t a lot of fashion in this, but Johanna pulls out a gosh darn Trapper Keeper and it’s ridiculous. The rich kids do dress in Ralph Lauren polos and sweaters over t-shirts which is very 90s. As mentioned, Suki Thomas makes an appearance, apparently fully endorsing murder.


This was a baffling read and I almost like it more for that. Johanna’s violent tendencies and the rich kids are psychopaths, but it’s just so strange. I’ll give it two loose guns out of five.

Fear Steet Superchiller: The New Years Party


Woah! A Superchiller! What’s a superchiller? R.L. Stine decides to write more than a hundred pages. While this isn’t the first, it does seem the most hilarious place to start.

The Cover

the new years party.jpg

It’s not the most ominous cover (pulled from its GoodReads page). It makes it very obvious the girl is a bad guy when she kind of doesn’t do anything until the end, but subtle isn’t this book’s game. It’s very meh.


When midnight strikes… they all die.

It’s a good use of ellipses, but again pretty meh.


This Fear Street Superchiller splits itself between two times: 1965 and “This Year”, an insane cop out by Stine even though the book firmly plants itself in the mid-90s. Don’t worry, though. The 1965 portions are written by someone with a vague recollection of 1960s era movies. Everything is groovy, we’re all listening to the Beatles, a boy looks like Paul Newman, and Beth is wearing her brand new miniskirt. Beth watches her brother Jeremy get bullied by some kids (though I didn’t realize they were brother and sister until the very end of the book), and then a bunch of robbers break in and hold the place up. Only they aren’t robbers! They’re teenagers faking! Shadyside is the only place in the world that goes through these bonkers pranks that are actually over elaborate and crossover into psychological torture. Jeremy gets angry and leaves, Beth climbs into the car with him. They drive away recklessly, hitting a person, and then careening off the road as they try to run away.

Now we cut to “this year,” which is clearly 1995 by Artie’s plaid shirt. Reenie (not a real name) is part of a crew of kids: Artie, Greta, Sean, and Ty. They play these terrible pranks on each other, pretending to be dead bodies, leaping out at them from lockers, at one point pretending to fall into a frozen lake. It’s stated at one point they faked a robbery, and the robber pretended to kill Ty. What I’m saying is they’re real fucked up. They’re hanging out when they meet Liz and P.J., two newcomers who are looking to make friends. Ty and Liz hit it off initially, but Artie doesn’t like P.J. Artie’s been skipping class, talking about missing college, and hanging out with a scumbag kid named Marc, which his girlfriend Greta hates. She starts flirting with P.J., and Artie takes it personal. He decides to get P.J. back.

At a Christmas party, they sucker Sandi into getting a date with him, and then she’ll pretend to die. When the time comes, P.J. is so freaked out, he seems to have a heart attack. He dies, and then I’m not sure what happens to the party. It seems like everyone leaves, but everyone also saw P.J. hit the ground and pass out. Is no one else concerned about this? Instead of trying to cover up what they’ve done, the group calls the police, but when they arrive, the body is missing. They assume P.J. got them back, but on Monday he’s missing.

There’s another flashback to 1965, which confirms Beth and Jeremy died and turned into ghosts, sort of spoiling the end of the book.

Liz is distraught about all this. The group is too, especially after some of their crew starts getting killed off. First Marc, then Sandi. Everyone is sure P.J. is doing it. Liz tries to reconnect with them. She invites them to her house for a New Year’s Party, but when they get there, she tries to kill them all. P.J. shows up, and they confirm they’re ghosts. Ty jumps up though, and–DOUBLE TWIST–Ty’s a ghost too! He’s the boy who was killed by Beth and Jeremy, and he drags them both back to hell, leaving the crew in peace.

Favorite Line

Listen to this inscription: We’ll be friends until the ocean needs diapers to keep its bottom dry.

Fear Street Trends

Like I said, this book plants itself firmly in the mid-90s. When we first meet these cool kids:

Artie in his plaid shirt, ripped jeans, hair in a buzz cut, an earring in one ear. Greta in her long straight skirt and belted jacket, every strand of blond hair carefully tousled, makeup perfect.

If they ever tried to update this, I would cry.

I didn’t recognize too many names, except for Lisa, who I think is in every book, but Corky Cochran shows up dating Ricky Shore. I thought perhaps that was Ricky in The Overnight, but I think he has a different last name? But his last name is one letter off, and there’s a million typos in these books.

I have to take an aside and say there are one million typos in these books. In the digital versions, in the print versions. Is Stephanie Meyer’s editor working on these? Who is publishing books like this.


It’s pretty meh all around. The pranks these Shadyside kids do are next level bonkers and makes them seem like psychopaths, and the ghosts are literally explained halfway through the book with a flashback. I’m going to give it two groovy parties out of five.

Horror Stories – Deadlands


Fear Street definitely influenced me a lot as a kid, so did the Universal monster movies I watched with my dad, and watching the Evil Dead movies, and the hundreds of horror movies I’ve absorbed in my short life on this earth. Horror has shaped a lot of what I like, and now I’m a writer. Why would I mention this here? Would you really take a moment out of your own blog to post about your own writing? Heck yes. Let me introduce you to:


Deadlands is a serial style story about two travelers, Gabe Valentine and Violetta Talbot, who ride through the old west, chasing ghosts, monsters, witches, and whatever gives them a thrill. It takes inspiration from Weird West style story telling, using cryptids and old fashioned monsters, mixing folklore with modern interpretions. It updates bi-monthly with new stories. Part V – Night Train has recently gone up along with historical notes. It features bankrobbers, zombies, train heists, impossible geometries, blood sacrifices, and probably the least fuel efficient way to run a train. The style of the story has allowed me to tackle a couple different horror ideas I’ve always been interested in (including a consumption style vampire story), and I’d appreciate anyone checking it out.

Fear Street Cheerleaders #3 – The Third Evil


Here we are, closing out the first of the trilogies. Of course, the Fear Street Cheerleaders don’t stop here. A new evil’s going to arise, but I may take a break from them to investigate the Fear Street Saga, where the true origin of Sarah Fear lies.

The Cover

the third evil

I don’t mind the cover (pulled from its GoodReads page), but I don’t really get it. I guess we learn the truth about Sarah Fear in this, so it’s back to the beginning with the gravestone, and you’ve got to make sure there’s a cheerleader on it. It’s a little hodgepodge.


Fight, fight, fight or die, die, die!

You know what, I like this. It’s weird, but it’s kind of true. Corky’s gotta fight, or Corky’s gonna die.


Corky, Kimmy, and Debra are still on the squad, on their way to cheer camp. There’s a new girl on the squad, Hannah, who’s only a freshman but perfect in every way. She does flips better, she’s more enthusiastic, and she’s basically just cuter than you. A lot of this book is like Bring It On Lite, without the racial tension (though I’ve started wondering if Kimmy’s crimped hair is supposed to code her as black? Feel free to add your thoughts to that). But the girls are hype because they’re going to cheer camp for a week on a real college campus. This is also like But I’m a Cheerleader in that Corky is definitely figuring some stuff out about herself. Choice quotes about the local better than you HBIC, Blair:

“But what a figure!” Corky exclaimed. “She’s so tall and–and–look at ¬†that tiny waist and–“

Also from Corky:

Again, Corky watched Blair O’Connell in her sleek blue and gold uniform, and an expression of superior amusement on her beautiful face.

Love quickly turns to hate, though, as Blair wins every competition and award without any effort. Hannah is wiggling her way to the front of the pack as well, but it seems someone is putting her in her place. She gets into a bath drawn by Corky that ends up scalding her, and in the middle of the night her braid is cut off her head. Corky is convinced it’s Kimmy who’s possessed again, until she finds the scissors used to cut Hannah’s hair in her things, and in a dream-like state she tries to kill Hannah. After that, it’s very clear Corky is the one who’s possessed.

Corky’s possession gives us a first hand look at the evil spirit, and I gotta say it puts the past books in a strange perspective. Corky hallucinates wildly about cockroaches and her dead sister and razor blades. She’s constantly flipping out, and there’s a voice in her head telling her to kill. The fact that not Jennifer nor Kimmy mentioned this to anyone is baffling. Maybe not in Jennifer’s case, as she and Corky weren’t close until after her possession, but Kimmy def should’ve known something was up.

Corky also realizes the evil holds memories from the people it’s possessed, including Sarah Fear, the person who managed to hold it in her grave. This raises a bunch of questions. It was sort of implied in that last two books that it was Sarah Fear herself possessing the girls, but in this one it becomes clear Sarah was tortured by it, just as the others were. Also, Sarah managed to kill it because she killed herself, throwing herself into Fear Lake to save her babies (and then killing her babies in the aftermath, whoops), and so it was trapped in her grave until Jennifer was thrown onto it. But other people would’ve touched the body and carried it long before Jennifer got there. Certainly she wasn’t the first person to walk by the grave. But I may be asking too many questions, let’s focus on the story at hand.

Corky’s super murder town at this point. She tries to kill Debra with her car and then push her off a tall thing, both foiled by some randos. Like First Date, this becomes a comedy about a serial killer who just can’t get the job done. Corky tries to fight off the evil from the inside, but she drags Kimmy out to meet her, shoves her into a river, and then swan dives off herself. She drowns super hard, but luckily Kimmy didn’t die, and she revives her with CPR (but no mouth to mouth). The evil is defeated, everyone lives, cheer practice is back on.

Favorite Line

“I’ll kill you tomorrow,” Corky told her.

Fear Street Trends

Surprisingly not that many. At one point Hannah is wearing a t-shirt over leggings, but it’s mostly work out clothes and cheer uniforms. No repeat names stood out to me, but a teenager does order split pea soup, which is basically a thing that has never happened in real life.


I enjoyed Corky’s hallucinations, and it was fun to get a firsthand perspective on the evil. It was a pretty good end to the trilogy, especially after number two was kind of a snoozefest, so it’s four sexual awakenings out of five.