Fear Street Cheerleaders #3 – The Third Evil

Here we are, closing out the first of the trilogies. Of course, the Fear Street Cheerleaders don’t stop here. A new evil’s going to arise, but I may take a break from them to investigate the Fear Street Saga, where the true origin of Sarah Fear lies.

The Cover

the third evil

I don’t mind the cover (pulled from its GoodReads page), but I don’t really get it. I guess we learn the truth about Sarah Fear in this, so it’s back to the beginning with the gravestone, and you’ve got to make sure there’s a cheerleader on it. It’s a little hodgepodge.


Fight, fight, fight or die, die, die!

You know what, I like this. It’s weird, but it’s kind of true. Corky’s gotta fight, or Corky’s gonna die.


Corky, Kimmy, and Debra are still on the squad, on their way to cheer camp. There’s a new girl on the squad, Hannah, who’s only a freshman but perfect in every way. She does flips better, she’s more enthusiastic, and she’s basically just cuter than you. A lot of this book is like Bring It On Lite, without the racial tension (though I’ve started wondering if Kimmy’s crimped hair is supposed to code her as black? Feel free to add your thoughts to that). But the girls are hype because they’re going to cheer camp for a week on a real college campus. This is also like But I’m a Cheerleader in that Corky is definitely figuring some stuff out about herself. Choice quotes about the local better than you HBIC, Blair:

“But what a figure!” Corky exclaimed. “She’s so tall and–and–look at ┬áthat tiny waist and–“

Also from Corky:

Again, Corky watched Blair O’Connell in her sleek blue and gold uniform, and an expression of superior amusement on her beautiful face.

Love quickly turns to hate, though, as Blair wins every competition and award without any effort. Hannah is wiggling her way to the front of the pack as well, but it seems someone is putting her in her place. She gets into a bath drawn by Corky that ends up scalding her, and in the middle of the night her braid is cut off her head. Corky is convinced it’s Kimmy who’s possessed again, until she finds the scissors used to cut Hannah’s hair in her things, and in a dream-like state she tries to kill Hannah. After that, it’s very clear Corky is the one who’s possessed.

Corky’s possession gives us a first hand look at the evil spirit, and I gotta say it puts the past books in a strange perspective. Corky hallucinates wildly about cockroaches and her dead sister and razor blades. She’s constantly flipping out, and there’s a voice in her head telling her to kill. The fact that not Jennifer nor Kimmy mentioned this to anyone is baffling. Maybe not in Jennifer’s case, as she and Corky weren’t close until after her possession, but Kimmy def should’ve known something was up.

Corky also realizes the evil holds memories from the people it’s possessed, including Sarah Fear, the person who managed to hold it in her grave. This raises a bunch of questions. It was sort of implied in that last two books that it was Sarah Fear herself possessing the girls, but in this one it becomes clear Sarah was tortured by it, just as the others were. Also, Sarah managed to kill it because she killed herself, throwing herself into Fear Lake to save her babies (and then killing her babies in the aftermath, whoops), and so it was trapped in her grave until Jennifer was thrown onto it. But other people would’ve touched the body and carried it long before Jennifer got there. Certainly she wasn’t the first person to walk by the grave. But I may be asking too many questions, let’s focus on the story at hand.

Corky’s super murder town at this point. She tries to kill Debra with her car and then push her off a tall thing, both foiled by some randos. Like First Date, this becomes a comedy about a serial killer who just can’t get the job done. Corky tries to fight off the evil from the inside, but she drags Kimmy out to meet her, shoves her into a river, and then swan dives off herself. She drowns super hard, but luckily Kimmy didn’t die, and she revives her with CPR (but no mouth to mouth). The evil is defeated, everyone lives, cheer practice is back on.

Favorite Line

“I’ll kill you tomorrow,” Corky told her.

Fear Street Trends

Surprisingly not that many. At one point Hannah is wearing a t-shirt over leggings, but it’s mostly work out clothes and cheer uniforms. No repeat names stood out to me, but a teenager does order split pea soup, which is basically a thing that has never happened in real life.


I enjoyed Corky’s hallucinations, and it was fun to get a firsthand perspective on the evil. It was a pretty good end to the trilogy, especially after number two was kind of a snoozefest, so it’s four sexual awakenings out of five.


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