Horror Stories – Deadlands

Fear Street definitely influenced me a lot as a kid, so did the Universal monster movies I watched with my dad, and watching the Evil Dead movies, and the hundreds of horror movies I’ve absorbed in my short life on this earth. Horror has shaped a lot of what I like, and now I’m a writer. Why would I mention this here? Would you really take a moment out of your own blog to post about your own writing? Heck yes. Let me introduce you to:


Deadlands is a serial style story about two travelers, Gabe Valentine and Violetta Talbot, who ride through the old west, chasing ghosts, monsters, witches, and whatever gives them a thrill. It takes inspiration from Weird West style story telling, using cryptids and old fashioned monsters, mixing folklore with modern interpretions. It updates bi-monthly with new stories. Part V – Night Train has recently gone up along with historical notes. It features bankrobbers, zombies, train heists, impossible geometries, blood sacrifices, and probably the least fuel efficient way to run a train. The style of the story has allowed me to tackle a couple different horror ideas I’ve always been interested in (including a consumption style vampire story), and I’d appreciate anyone checking it out.


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