Top Fear Street Books (According to R.L. Stine)

Over at, a website I truly cannot tell is official or not just looking at it because it looks like every haunted house website I’ve ever been to, R.L. Stine lists his top eight Fear Street Books. Here’s the list.

The New Girl

[Recap Here] Stine loves this one because it’s the original and played with a concept he enjoyed. I do like the idea of a ghost story that doesn’t actually have a ghost in it, and I can see why he has a lot of love for it.

Silent Night

[Recap Here] Stine loved writing mean, sarcastic Reva Dalby (not a real name). It’s a Fear Street Superchiller, which means he put a little extra love into it. We haven’t covered it on this blog (yet), but I’m holding off on some of the Superchillers, especially what I think is the most popular one.


[Recap Here] Stine says this book got very little attention, but as far as I can tell, barring the Cheerleaders, this is everyone’s favorite Fear Street novel. He says he’s proudest of the shocks and twists in this one, and it does swerve in about three different directions.

Fear Street Saga: the Betrayal

[Recap Here] Stine just loves the idea of burning a witch at the stake. I bet that was the entire impetus for this story, especially since that form of execution was out of style in the US. People do seem to love the Fear Street Saga books, and it is one of the gorier ones I’ve read.


[Recap Here] Stine loves ghosts and dopplegangers and all the like. He’s very proud of it and says there’s a lot of tension in it, which puts it high on my list of rereads.

The Perfect Date

Stine loves this one because his son is posing on the cover. That’s sweet! I wonder what it’s like in the Stine household, especially around Halloween.

Cheerleaders: The First Evil

[Recap Here] Everyone’s favorite! I’m surprised it’s so low on the list, though I imagine Stine knows it doesn’t need the boost in popularity. The Cheerleaders are probably one of the most beloved parts of Fear Street, and Stine sees they got a good response.

The Secret Bedroom

[Recap Here]Stine wrote this book in eight days. This is baffling to me. I wonder how much editing he goes through when he does these.


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