Fear Street: The TV Series

The whole reason I started this blog, the whole reason I decided to time travel back to the 90s when I was obsessed with these books, the whole catalyst for the words you’re reading now, is a conversation I had with a friend about a Fear Street TV series.

Horror on TV is reaching its apex. Nostalgia driven reboots of franchises are never going to go away. 90s kids are on top right now, pushing out those 80s loving stooges so we can finally stop referencing John Hughes movies and throw in a few more Power Rangers. Period pieces on TV are a more and more popular thing too, and honestly the 90s setting is half the fun of these books.

I’m a writer (it’s been mentioned), and while my only experience writing scripts is a creative writing class I took almost a decade ago, I consider everything I do on this blog research for a pitch for a Fear Street TV show. I’ve thought about it a lot while reading, how to fit these puzzle pieces together, how to create a coherent narrative out of what are primarily stand alone stories, but I think I’ve started to figure it out. So here it is, my pitch for a Fear Street show (from someone who doesn’t know how to pitch a TV show):

Fear Street: The TV Series

The year is 1991. BOBBI and CORKY CORCORAN have just moved to Shadyside and are living on FEAR STREET, right next to the graveyard. They’re attending Shadyside High, whose senior class is cursed to die, where half the school has a personal experience with the bad juju going on over on FEAR STREET. They’re ready to try out for the cheerleading squad and make due in this weird town. The cheerleaders make up the main group, but LISA BLUME and CORY BROOKS get their own subplot with the strange new girl who moved into FEAR STREET. CORY is obsessed with ANNA, who may or may not be a ghost, while LISA tries to suss out what’s really happening over on FEAR STREET. Intermixed with their drama are other students, most likely DEENA MARTINSON and JADE SMITH, who uncover a murder after a prank phone call gone wrong, as well as NICOLE DARWIN, who believes she’s switched bodies with her best friend LUCY KRAMER. LISA is starting to collect every strange tale that she comes across.

SEASON ONE would follow the Cheerleader books primarily, with the other characters having their subplots that lead up to the discovery of THE EVIL that inhabited JENNIFER’S body. After BOBBI’S untimely death and subsequent banishing of the evil, we meet JAN I-CAN’T-FIND-HER-LAST-NAME, who is a FEAR descendent.

SEASON TWO would then explore the FEARS. CORKY would begin seeing signs of THE EVIL returning, LISA would be tracking down more horrifying tales of FEAR STREET, and their paths would cross. JAN would discover she was a FEAR (possibly after enacting the events of PARTY SUMMER), and while LISA uncovers the history of the FEARS, she uncovers NORA GOODE‘S writing, and we get a flashback period piece of the FIER and GOODE rivalry.

SEASON THREE would start to focus on the FEAR STREET SENIORS but I haven’t read any of those books yet an can’t remember a gosh darn thing about them so I withhold any ideas until I do. Alternatively, we could have an entire season dedicated to FEAR STREET SUMMERS, with a few interconnecting storylines maybe connected to Camp Nightwing.

In tone I think more Buffy than Scream Queens, enough humor to poke fun at itself without being too meta. I sort of like the idea of Corky and Lisa teaming up with Corky being a Mulder and Lisa being a Scully. It’s hard to choose any character to lead the series, since they are primarily stand alone novels, but the Cheerleaders I think are most remembered and Lisa shows up in every book, so I don’t mind putting them center stage. It’d be good to wait to introduce all the Fier/Goode rivalry, until there’s an emotional investment, and putting in a character like Jan who has a blood relation to the Fiers might make for some additional drama, either with the Evil trying to make its way back or the Fear curse living on. Mixing in the sort of anthology nature of the books and a cohesive storyline might be some work, but it’d be worth doing.

A me ten years ago who was still writing fanfiction and engaged in that sort of community might consider starting an epic fanfic series, but these days I just don’t have the energy. It will be a shame if I ever do write a series similar to Fear Street that this whole blog will be used to sue me if I try to publish it.


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