A Brief Break

I’ve now read thirty some-odd Fear Street books and I’ll be taking this week off. The Fear Street books are kind in that you can knock them out in an hour, but I’ve also read so many of them in one go I think I need to give my brain a break. If you’re looking for horror to hold you over until then, I make these suggestions:

  • The Diviners and Lair of Dreams by Libba Bray. Set in the 1920s without ignoring some of the ghastlier bits of the decade, it involves teens with special powers who come together to face supernatural threats. While the first one feels incomplete, the second more than makes up for it, and both have their horror filled moments.
  • Harrow County by Cullen Bunn and Tyler Crook. I discovered this completely by accident while shelving in the library and if you are a fan of southern horror look no further. Featuring a small town, witches, haints, and demons. It is both quiet and ghastly.
  • The Black Tapes produced by Pacific Northwest Stories. A podcast centered around the unsolved cases of Dr. Richard Strand, a skeptic, in which Alex Reagan discovers mystical doorways, shadow men, and Satanic math. Done in an NPR style, it covers several well known horror tropes in interesting ways.
  • On that note check out Archive 81 as well, much shorter but a found footage style podcast chronicling Daniel Powell as he listens to historical documents surrounding a very strange building. If you’re looking for a more old school radio experience, The Horror! from Relic Radio brings you forgotten stories of classic radio.
  • And if you’re still in a nostalgic mood, I recommend The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina the Teenage Witch, which takes the Sabrina formula, tosses in some Satan worship, and sets it all in the 1960s. Despite it’s sparse release schedule, it’s been a delight from start to finish. I also had the pleasure of checking out Afterlife with Archie and found myself enjoying it quite a lot. It uses the recognizable characters without removing them too much from familiarity, while also tossing them in a dark and dangerous world.

If you’re so inclined, you could also check out my bi-monthly horror serial Deadlands, which uses old west tropes and classic ghost stories. I’ve been attempting to fill it with more content as well, and I’ve discussed the history of Bigfoot and the Chupacabra, as well as how one discovers cowboy songs. If you’re interested in different kinds of stories, I’ve also started a writing journal, which features things like princesses, vampires, and other adventures.

I’ll return next week with that classic R.L. Stine flavor. Happy hauntings!


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