November Break


Hey, guys! I’ve been reading Fear Street books pretty consistently throughout 2016 and have posted weekly on this site for 8 months. For a site I started just for an excuse to reread every single Fear Street book, I feel pretty good about that. November and December are holiday times, though, and while I do have several reads planned for December, I think this month I will put a pause button on it. I’ve read nearly 40 Fear Street books since starting this, and I think it’s time to give my brain a little break. Don’t worry though! Because we’ll be spending Christmas with a very special girl, who has more money than manners, whose daddy owns a certain department store, and this new year I’m going to return to some of our favorite characters.

As for November, I need a vacation from Shadyside. If you’re still desperate for something spooky, I do have a bi-monthly old west themed horror serial called Deadlands that just posted its eighth chapter and a special Halloween short. Or you can head over to my writing blog Black Cat Fiction and read the spooky short stories I posted there (which, come January, should be posting its own horror themed high school story). As of December 4th, I will be posting here again. After all, it’s not as though any of us can escape Fear Street.