Return of the Fear Street Cheerleaders!

I went hunting for the next Fear Street book to read (and a digital version, since I ended up being pretty busy), and I found the summary for the next Fear Street novel through Amazon.

cheerleaders returned.png

The Fear Street cheerleaders are returning! It looks like the evil won’t be part of the plot of this one, but you know who is the main villain? Devra Dalby, not Reva, but I imagine they’re going to be just about the same character. I haven’t read any of the relaunch yet but am waiting for just the right moment to cover it here, but I did find an excerpt of the next book through If you’re wondering, ‘has R.L. Stine gotten any better at writing kissing?’, the answer is a definitive no:

But instead he wrapped his arms around her waist, lowered his face to hers, and kissed her. The kiss lasted a long time. She gave herself to it.

I’m pretty excited for this, and it’s motivating me to read the relaunch. We’ll see as of April if this holds up to the high standards the cheerleaders have left before us.


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