What’s Next?


I was going to finish out this summer with Goodnight Kiss 2 and then take a little break, but the truth is my anxiety level has been so high these past few weeks, I’ve barely been able to do the things I have to do much less the things I do for fun on the Internet. Real life hit me pretty hard these past few weeks. My free time in August and September will be spent finding a place to move into and then moving, so I’d rather chill on this blog and come back well rested with brand new material. But I’ve accrued something of a following with this blog, and some of you have even been nice enough to send me donations for the next book. (Thank you, by the way! Nothing has thrilled me quite as much as receiving a message that says they love my blog and look forward to more!)

And since you, gentle readers, have been with me on this journey, I figure it’s time you got a say in what I read next. I made a list of ten potential books that would be interesting to get into next. The #1 on this list will be the next book I read (starting back in October), and any votes for the others will let me know I should be looking into next. I don’t know if these’ll be the exact next ten I read, but knowing what’s wanted and what’s popular will definitely push me towards it.

Feel free to add anymore suggestions in the comments! Like I said, I want to know what interests you. Thank you for your readership, and I will see you in October!